Building an EXTRAordinary Community

Characters Pub transforms into a donation hub for the EXTRAordinary GIVE

With a view from our gem of a location on Christian Street in Lancaster City, we have seen some wonderful things! From the lighting of the Christmas tree in Penn Square to the groups of rosy cheeked patrons touring downtown on St. Patty’s Day. We have also been able to witness great acts of generosity during the city’s Annual EXTRAordinary GIVE event.

The Extraordinary Give is a chance to be part of a community-wide celebration of giving. Donations will be accepted on November 21, 2014 from 12 midnight – 11:59 PM. On that day, every dollar donated will be stretched by $250,000 from the Lancaster County Community Foundation and our presenting sponsors Rodgers & Associates. An additional $50,000 will be awarded in prizes to the causes you care about! – Lancaster County Community Foundation

This year we are excited to announce our support for two of Lancaster’s most reputable organizations. On Friday, November 21st from 11:00am – 10:00pm our Windows on Queen event space will be transformed into a donation hub for the Transitional Living Center (TLC) and Leadership Lancaster.

The mission of the Transitional Living Center (TLC) is to help strengthen the Lancaster County community by giving people the tools and inspiration to meet their housing and financial challenges and by revitalizing our surroundings.
Leadership Lancaster identifies existing and emerging leaders, prepares them for roles in shaping the future and entrusts them to guide the county in the years ahead.

We encourage all of you to join us as we build an EXTRAordinary community here in Lancaster and use the hashtags #GO2GIVE at #CHARACTERSPUB. Friends, volunteers, and staff from both organizations will available throughout the day to answer any questions and further educate you about their organizations.
If you are unable to stop by our donation hub, please visit the EXTRAordinary GIVE on your phone, tablet, or computer to check in to each of the donor pages and contribute your gift online.

Thank you for your support of our EXTRAordinary Lancaster County community!




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